Alain L. Locke Magnet School for Environmental Stewardship (ALLMSES) instills in its third- through fifth-grade population a sense of personal pride, responsibility, and commitment to excellence, while simultaneously teaching the concepts of sustainability, interconnectedness, activism and making a difference in the world through a lens of environmental studies. Their magnet theme of environmental stewardship and sustainability supports student achievement by giving students a global perspective on the world and connecting them to learning through high-interest projects and subject matter.


Through ALLMSES' partnership programs, teachers and students have the unique opportunity to work with experts in the areas of environmental stewardship and sustainability. Sports Leadership Academy (SLA) brings PlayRugby USA to Alain L. Locke. The SLA PlayRugby program aims to encourage: character development through team sports and structured competition; fitness, wellness, and nutrition education involving students and their families in healthy, active lifestyles; NY Sun Works built a classroom hydroponic farm at Alain L. Locke, allowing students to receive hands-on experience growing their own vegetables cultivating an interest in sustainable science and technology; Children of the Earth Foundation teaches students about being stewards of the Earth through the art of wilderness survival, tracking, and nature awareness; and more!


Students at the Alain L. Locke Magnet School for Environmental Stewardship:

  • explore ways that they can meet global challenges by transforming their ideas for environmental solutions into realities.
  • discover the importance of their identity as part of the larger community and see the impact their actions have on the world around them.
  • become knowledge of sustainability and gain self-confidence to be committed stewards and use these principals for decision-making within their academic, professional, and personal lives.
ALLMSES Technology

Alain L. Locke Magnet School for Environmental Stewardship believes that integrating technology into all aspects of teaching, learning and communication enhances students’ learning experiences and promotes a high-interest learning...

ALLMSES Special Education Services

Special Education Services are available to students who have been evaluated and recommended for services. All services are provided in accordance to the students' Individualized Educational Plan (IEP).  


Alain L. Locke Magnet School for Environmental Stewardship offers: